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Seventy-two hour challenge to redesign the Opus card, a payment method employed by Montreal's transportation system.  

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Research and concept video for an augmented reality platform that answers user's questions through storytelling. 



Thanks to social media and camera phones, everyone has the chance to be editor-in-chief of their own news channel. But how do users make their content digestible and scaleable to the widest audience possible? From a built-in teleprompter for live video to training how to properly fact-check a story, Pepo media is the platform to do it.




Trend Analysis

Global scan and catalogue of trends relating to Meaningful Consumption.



Svalbard Seed Vault

A design audit uses design-tools to identify shortcomings or potential improvements for a business, institution or system. This particular audit looks at the Svalbard Seed Vault and finds a key missing piece. While seeds are capsules of genetic information, it is stories that can unlock them.